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Use Brand New Furniture Without Buying It

Furniture Rental

Use furniture on your terms and enjoy the freedom to move as per your need. Give a new look to your living area with our brand new furniture.

High quality Camera & Lenses for Rent

Camera for Rent

Renting Over Buying is a New Normal

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Lots of discounts and great offers on designer shoes ! Great quality. Could improve shipping services and customer care.
I bought my favorite anniversary dress from here and my husband loved it !!! Great marketplace with so many options.
I had ordered the iPhone X and delivery was quick!!! Great quality and would love to order again. Keep up the good work.
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Does Yo!Rent have auction products feature?

As of now, auction feature is not available in Yo!Rent. However, Auction module can be added in Yo!Rent as a part of additional customization.

Does Yo!Rent offer any industry specific, ready to be integrated custom designs?

Yes, YoRent offers 20 ready designs to suit the needs of different types of eCommerce businesses. Aesthetica- for Furniture Ultra- for Electronic Vogue- for Fashion Aliments- for Grocery Activ- for Sports Goods Glee- for Kids Apparels Lapel- for Men’s Apparels and Accessories Frame- for Digital Products Ethyl- for Beverages Urbane- for Accessories Steps- for Shoes Glitterati- for Jewelry Glam- for Cosmetics Amour- for Inner-wear Rejoice- for Toys and Healthcare products Intact- for Books Timeless- for Watches Subtle- for Pet Food and Accessories Exhibit- for Art and Craft Products Synk- for Music Instruments These ready designs can be integrated with GoQuick version only. To know more about these designs, check:

Are Yo!Rent mobile applications available with all packages of Yo!Rent?

Yo!Rent mobile applications are available for all packages of Yo!Rent except the Startup Package.

How can I manage Admin profile settings on YoRent?

You can manage Admin profile settings on Yo!Rent from the Admin dashboard. Please follow the steps given below: Go to Admin dashboard >> Click on “Welcome YoRent Admin” option- present on the top of the menu tray. You (Admin) can edit/add all the information related to profile, i.e: Profile Picture Full Name Email address Username

How does YoRent scale horizontally?

For big market players like you, we strongly recommend to go with a good scalable cloud computing set up like AWS. To scale up; as a regular practice we suggest one or more than one EC2 instances behind a load balancer to accommodate the load i.e. the no. of products Vs traffic to your domain. At the same time, It also depends on your deployment procedures. If required, you may create an AMI from one instance and set up an autoscaling group to scale it horizontally. However, for startups not expecting huge traffic and data very soon, a t2.small ec2 instance with 2GB RAM (or even t2.micro in free tier) can meet the purpose initially.

Can we add a custom payment method Like CoinPayments (using its API) in Yo!Rent?

Yes we can integrate custom payment methods like Coin Payments in the Yo!Rent. In general, cost of payment gateway integration is 750 USD, but it can vary depending upon the complexity of payment gateway. We will have to analyse the documentation of the payment gateway before sharing the exact cost of payment gateway integration.