Online rental businesses are soaring in demand courtesy of the changing consumer habits favoring rental over the purchase of goods/services. It all started with Airbnb; a peer-to-peer website that offered people a way to find affordable rental spaces and explore foreign cultures like a local. After that, there’s been a flurry of websites offering rental options for everything from home and office furniture, textbooks, construction equipment, travel gear, to dresses and musical instruments.

The Rise of Rental Economy - Promising Sustainability & Economical Usage

It’s not difficult to understand why renting has garnered widespread popularity when one considers the benefits it has to offer. Right off the bat, there’s the cost factor; it makes more sense to rent expensive or infrequently used items. Additionally, individuals who own such items are eager to list them on online platforms to make passive income. In a way, both renters and rentees satisfy each others’ needs and make rental a viable and profitable business model.
At a macro level, renting reduces the stress on resources as a single item circulates to fulfill many people’s needs over its lifetime. Furthermore, an online rental platform can be started with just about no inventory since the sellers/providers create the demand. All of this makes one thing clear – if you’re planning to become an online rental business owner, this is the right moment... DEMO POST


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